Friday 16 May 2014

Next Generation Application development - Week 1 - Kickoff

Week 1 - Kickoff

The first week of intensive training on Next Generation Application Development is drawing to a close.  The aim of the programme is to demonstrate cutting edge technologies and techniques to  Kenyan developers.  We are using IBM Bluemix  as a vehicle to deliver the training and weaving in various strands around Agile, teamwork , innovation and entrepreneurship

The developers have selected ideas to work on and  have formed into teams and allocated roles.  Over the days the ideas have been expanded and they have begun having a daily scrums.  It's been great watching the team dynamics , yesterday we tried introducing the Devil's advocate which gave us the classic quotes:

" The devil was to tough..." 
"'s so difficult to reason with the devil.."

Monday had a wonderful moment while waiting for the auditorium to fill up :

Some wonderful music to set the tone for the week.
#ibmcsc kenya

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