Sub Team 2 - Internships

Empowering Youth Through Workforce Internships and Partnerships

Team of four, Bakul from the United States, Heli from Finland, Jackie from Canada and Micai from Brazil are working with Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) to define a national internship program framework for university students in Kenya. The project is addressing the large youth unemployment issue in Kenya, as well as the gap between the skill level of students coming from educational institutions and the industries’ requirements. 

The team is looking into internship models and desk research outside of Kenya, to identify some of the best practices around internships as well as potential pitfalls to avoid. In Kenya, the team is interviewing stakeholders representing employers, universities, interns, governmental agencies and associations, to understand the current internship frameworks and the improvement areas. 

The team had their introduction presentation and meetings with FKE on May 6th and May 7th after which the setting up of the interviews started. 
Meeting with the FKE team on May 7th

The second week was spent on interviews around Nairobi and finalizing the desk research. The team met with both public and private universities, their students and employers within banking, IT services, tourism, as well as media and communications. The team was also able to meet with the Ministry of Education Science and Technology in Kenya, the governmental agency National industrial Training Authority and associations working with youth internships and training. 

After the interviews, it is even more evident that the topic of internships and increased integration between the educational institutions and the industries is extremely important for Kenya's growth, so our client FKE is in a great position to drive this initiative.

On May 20th the team had their mid-review presentation with the client, summarizing the research findings. The last week and half is to be spent on working on the recommendations to build a national internship framework.

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