Sub Team 4 - WEF

Women Enterprise Fund  

"Empower women through leveraging partnerships and pathways for high value ventures for women entrepreneurship"

Team Members: Ulla-Britt, Raghu, Luke, and Alex

Wednesay May 28th
Last day at the WEF Office. Tomorrow and Friday will be booked with the final presentations of each CSC team. We received very nice presents from WEF - many thanks again to Millicent and Rosslynne!  
Monday May 19th
Mid term review in WEF's Boardroom with the CEO. Meeting went and we got good feedback. Next days will be about further analysis, digging deeper, and analyzing all the data we have collected so far. 

Tuesday May 13th
Initial feedback session with our client. The mid term review meeting is planned for next week Monday, so we wanted to go over the main findings so far with our view on the possible recommendations. The meeting went well. I'm very glad to be working with WEF as we are truly well supported. Sessions with external stakeholders are arranged and all the people at WEF are available in case we have questions.

Work in the next few days:
  • Wednesday - no meetings but time to consolidate and do research
  • Thursday - visit some groups of women borrowers around Nairobi
  • Friday - morning to further do data analysis and structuring
Friday afternoon we'll go to the Jacaranda School of the Mentally Handicapped. Prep is well underway to make this an active afternoon with games both indoor and outdoor. 

Monday May 5th, we met with our client at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre. Our key contacts plus representatives from various departments were present. Muriuki introduced all 15 IBM-ers and then WEF explained about their organization. 

Then our team - Ulla-Britt, Luke, Raghu, and Alex - presented our understanding of the SoW that we received prior to the trip. The fund provides loans to women across the country while also supporting these women with their businesses by providing education, help with banking questions, marketing, and more. Within a few areas of their operation and strategy, we have been asked to dive into them and work with them on improvements. This really is an honour and we're glad with the opportunity.

After the meeting... walking back to our bus to take us to the next client. 

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